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Asphalt Activities

Goals and Objectives:

    •    Promote physical activity and active living

    •    Encourage children to play together

    •    Address the problems of safety on the playground due to lack of constructive alternatives

    •    No focus on winning or losing

    •    Entirely coed and inclusive of all students

    •    Has a strong multi cultural element

    •    Lends itself to the leadership roles on the playground

    •    Increases the productivity of the child without increasing the demand on teachers time

Awesome Asphalt Activities make children more active through FUN and PARTICIPATION.

Our team can help do site planning using many of the creative ideas of the Canadian Biodiversity Institute.

After the planning has been done and the pricing agreed on, the work takes place often during a school day. No work is done when the children are out. This creates excitement and appreciation by the students for the school initiative. A set of rules is provided for each site. On site teaching can be provided as well.

Popular Games and Activities:

    •    Variations of hopscotch

    •    Four square with variations,

    •    Wall ball, targets

    •    Mini Soccer, Hockey or Kick Ball courts

    •    VENN diagrams

    •    Circle Tag

    •    Tether Ball

    •    Grids (alpha and number)

    •    Snakes and Ladders

    •    Checkers & Chess Games

    •    Running Tracks

    •    Basketball courts (3 on 3 and Full Court)
The Famous Games Circle (40ft x 40ft and over 100 different games for children of all ages) such as: clocks, marble circles, doll houses, safety houses, playground calculators,

    •    Merlin conflict resolution circles

    •    Board Character matter Words (in large print strategically placed over the paved area)

    •    Helicopter Circles

    •    Line up lines for class control

    •    Boundary Lines

    •    Primary Circles (30 games for children of all ages)

    •    The Addiction Clock

    •    Kindergarten packages composed of a trike trail with stop signs/cross walks and the alphabet etc.

    •    An ‘Alphagator’

    •    A number line

    •    Three shapes (square, rectangle and triangle)

    •    Three Stars

    •    A tic-tac-toe

    •    Playground Calculator

 Over 150 new playground games have been added recently. Plus, we are more than willing to paint any other games that are unique and specific to your school!


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