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We have been researching the value that these wonderful art forms have for various places. The largest Labyrinth is a 40ft Chartres style of 11 circuits. This intricate and beautiful design came from a cathedral in France. Labyrinths are very useful in our busy world with almost limitless possibilities. Each Labyrinth is unique. They can be placed on the pavement outside or on canvas for inside use. We provide teaching sessions of the use of this wonderful facility.

Some popular sites are...

  • Hospitals, Hospice, or health care
  • Hotels, Guests Houses or B&B
  • Museums or Galleries
  • Prisons or Correctional facilities
  • Public Building, Library, Community Centre
  • Public Park or Garden
  • School or Education Centre

We have a 60 page school Labyrinth Guide with a supporting DVD. It has lesson plans and classroom ideas for public and high school situations. Walking the labyrinth allows for creativity and intuition to flower.

Studies have shown that people are better able to connect with the right side of the brain after walking the labyrinth, which helps them think more clearly. It has been reported that children do better if they walk the labyrinth before taking an exam. Special needs students react positively to walking it. Each child/adult has a different experience each time he or she walks the labyrinth. Walking it not always momentous, but it always seems to have a positive effect.

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