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Safety Villages

Creative Safety Villages are designed for pavement or portable for in gymnasium use. The idea has been developed with professional staff from the Ontario Provincial Police and other agencies who have a goal to teach safety issue for public school aged children. The villages are colourful and creative, developed uniquely for each site. After assessing the goals of each jurisdiction we can put together various proposals with pricing.

A recent village in Brechin, Ontario has eight different teaching modules for such things as rail, water, drug and alcohol, quarry, fire, and bus safety.

The Portable Safety Village allows local communities to design a pavement or canvas three-dimensional village Miniature vehicles and buildings are added to enhance learning.

Logos for the agencies are displayed clearly giving the clear message of community concern. The villages are painted using IBIS traffic paint on pavement and acrylic latex on canvas. Each module has a physical game associated with it so that safety rules can be reinforced in an environment of fun.

The sites are often schools, fire departments, and businesses interested in conveying the message of safety in school districts. The inside sites are three canvas sections joined by Velcro which when laid out, cover the area of an average public school gymnasium.

The possibilities are endless!
Call to set up a planning session at no obligation.

The Canvas Village is 40' x 50'. We have one rental village which can be brought to a local elementary school. One day or multi day presentations can be arranged. John is an Ontario Certified Teacher and will organize your special event

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